Thursday, June 2, 2016

Photoshop Extensions


Well it's another post about Photoshop and some extensions I've made.

If you remember from a few months back I made and released Layer Cake out into the world and just last week I released another called Normally Panel.

So Normally Panel allows you to do things like Rotations, Inverting and 2 different types of blending on Normal Maps in Photoshop.

Today I released (like literally 30 mins ago) Lazy Save.
Lazy Save was made for my own use at the start because I was getting annoyed that I had to keep doing
  • Save As
  • Select my image output type
  • Append or even change the name of the file I was going to save out
  • Finally Save
So Lazy Save you select the folder you want to Save to. 
Select your naming convention (there's 4 options to choose from currently)

-Do not use Group Names -> this will save your image out as your file name (if it's Example.psd, your image will be Example.jpg/png etc.)
-GroupName as prefix -> this will save your image out as MyGroup_Example.jpg/png
-GroupName as postfix -> this will save your image out as Example_MyGroup.jpg/png
-GroupName as output name -> this will save your image out as MyGroup.jpg/png

Here's an example of it in action also with going through all the types of naming conventions.

TGA also pre looks at your channels to determine if you are in RGB mode and then if you have an alpha channel. If you do, it will auto save it as a 32bit TGA and if you don't have any extra or you're in a non RGB mode, it will save it as a 24bit.

I hope people find this handy I know I will/have already.


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