Sunday, September 1, 2013

Oh long and busy summer...


Oh long time no write.

So it's been quite a while since I posted...sorry, but I have been pretty busy as of late.
Since it summer, it is my time to much as possible. This summer I'm being a pipeliner in the oil and gas industry (yeah, makes sense right and isn't a complete and polar opposite of what I go to school for right?) which is a definite go go go job most of the time, 12 hour shifts for 21 days you can see why I've been busy.

But anyways I have been doing some Youtube videos here and there throughout the summer as well as semi-"apprenticing" a few people on 3D techniques and the work flow for making game ready models (sometimes it's pretty hard getting ideas through haha)

I figured I would make a small update about myself to make sure that anyone that does happen across this doesn't think I'm dead to the world, because "I'm Not Dead Yet!" (Quest for the Holy Grail - anyone?)

Some stress outside of the work is looking for the internship I'll need in my second semester this year so I can end up graduating from ma, edu-mi-cation ;)...I've been finding it's next to impossible finding an internship as a Technical Artist, which is somewhat disheartening. Might have to go for 3D or gameplay...or even just tools dev I guess, we'll see what ole fate gives me.

If for some reason you can't find my youtube channel, you can find it at
 where I uploaded some stuff I did this year as well and some videos that I've been uploading about some 3D tips/Tricks (and a forth coming series on the quick and dirty workflow )

Well I guess that it's for now,