Monday, October 8, 2012



Soo...the last two weeks of class have made me start using Unity.  Now...I'm going to try and not rage to hard at it cause although it has proven me wrong in it not being a bad engine (completely) it has also made it very hard to not hate it while just making a small Asteroids Game for my Integration Projects class.

So last week we had to make a "mod" for the ole Asteroids game. I threw a few things into mine (as the base game we made in the first week was just a ship that could shoot at different sized asteroids) such as
-The big asteroids would spawn smaller (anywhere from 1-4 pieces) ones when you killed it, the big ones also took 5 hits to kill and all asteroids did a "camera-shake" when they died just for a little effect.

-The controls could be done by mouse and keyboard or by 360 controller (which after some help from others and tutorials I got it figured out and must say it was decently easy to set up in Unity)

-A shield power up that you could pick up from the small asteroids sometimes (would possibly spawn them and not all the time) which would have 2 uses per pickup that you could run into asteroids and not die

-After you got a certain amount of points you would get a 1-up.

So although it's not a ton of stuff it was enough to make me rage a lot at Unity and C# scripting as I'm new to both haha and it really seems like putting those two things together makes it very hard to encapsulate properly (compared to C++ at least..)

Next up is making a prototype in Unity for a game, we'll see how much rage I get out doing that project.

Unity isn't really a bad thing but it is a lot to get used to and kind of just be dropped in and told to make stuff haha.