Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Let the work begin!


So, with the finishing of the last semester (my final semester with in class courses) it fades into the distance and the new semester begins and with it brings ..."The Internship"

An exciting and scary adventure awaits me in the coming months.  I'm elated that I'm able to do my internship with the fellows over at Conatus Creative, who are doing River City Ransom : Underground.
The original River City Ransom game (Street Gangs for EU) was a game on the NES that really is in the top 5 of my favorite games of all time.  The amount of time I've spent beating the gangs up in that game is ridiculous.

RCR:U is the first licensed sequel to RCR and also first to be developed by a western developer (there are a lot of other games in the RCR lineage in Japan), so the fact that I can work on this is amazing to me.  I'm super excited to be apart of this project and of course a bit scared to be working on an IP that I've loved for so long.

I just got back from our school trip to the US/Canada where we got to go on some tours to places like Valve, ArenaNet and EA (Vancouver). Was fun to be on that side of the pond again, even if for only 10 days ish.

Well,  back to work now.