Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Layer Cake, a Photoshop script to Offset Multiple layers at once!


So I have been working on a script recently for Photoshop at the request of Jessie Van Aelst who was working on a tileable texture and hated having to manually offset each layer with Adobe's built in Offset filter.

I agree that it's quite tedious that to offset more than 1 layer at a time you have to keep hitting Ctrl F after you do it once...and keep tweaking your offset etc.  So I started working on Layer Cake!

Layer Cake is a script that will take your visible selected layers and offset them all the same amount as you specify.  I had found another script that offset every visible layer in your document but that isn't very user friendly since you'd have to turn off any layer you don't want offset etc. so Layer Cake fills a void pretty well I think :)
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I gave all the same options as the built in Offset has (currently minus the preview, but I'm working on it!) to make users feel at home with it.  I also Ctrl Z a few times in the gifs to make sure you can see the images are offset.

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You can grab the script HERE. It comes with a Read me that tells you where to put it and how to use it  as well :)

I hope people find this script useful and feel free to let me know if you run into problems with it so I can try to improve it and make it as useful as I can!