Thursday, October 24, 2019

Tada68 Keymap Flashing

Heyo (first time in forever)

So this is just a super quick post about something not very related to TechArt stuff, but I recently bought a new keyboard as my Razer Lycosa Mirror finally bit it (the space bar finally stopped working for good this's threatened to die a few times before but never fully given up)

So I bought a Tada68 from KBD Fans on recommendation from one of my friend's who is very much into custom keyboards (which I always said I probably wouldn't go down that route cause I know jack about custom boards). Anyways, it's shown up and since it's not a full keyboard I was missing a few creature comforts such as media buttons and I wanted my Home/End Keys back (since the board has PgUp/PgDown by default instead)

I had to try to look up how to change the keymap since I know you can program this keyboard to do a ton of things if you so desire, but I founda  lot of outdated or just very convoluted info on how to get a new keymap installed on the board. 

Now that I've done it I wanted to just write it down so maybe someone else will happen across it. This is how I managed to get my own key map on my Tada68.

Obviously I assume you have a Tada68 board as I have no idea how to do it for other boards (but I think some of them are pretty similar?)

  1. Watch this video on how to use the QMK Configurator This is the video that I found on how to setup a keymap for my board and it allows you to do it in a browser with no need to download extra softwares and all that jazz. It was super easy and straight forward (and the video is pretty short)
  2. After you've downloaded the compiled .bin file from QMK Configurator, I made a copy (in case I want to have different version and swap between them later on) and named that copy to FLASH.bin. 
  3. NOTE: This next step "disables" your keyboard, so you'll have to use the right click menu to copy/paste etc.    On the back of your Tada68, you'll see a little reset button, press it and it will make your board start to flash and should connect to your computer so you can access the on board memory.
  4. There should be a FLASH.bin file on your board already, copy this to somewhere else so you have a backup of it. Delete the file on your board and then drag your FLASH.bin file that you got from QMK Configurator on to the board and hit ESC,
    NOTE: I've seen it said in other places to NOT do the eject device from computer as it can cause issues, so Please Please Please, hit the ESC key instead.
  5. That's it, you're done. You should have your keymap on your board all ready to go. 

I by no means take responsibility for any damage that could be caused by doing it this way, but it worked completely fine for me ~3 times now (small key changes and what not) so hopefully it will work for you :)