Sunday, September 30, 2012



So I have been pretty busy the last few weeks getting things ready for a few different projects as well as just getting settled back into being back in school and really just being back home in Europe.  It's always a little weird going over for the summer and then coming back for the rest of the year as I always seem to just get settled back into being over there and then just as soon, I have to come back to Europe, but I digress.

So there's a few things even just school wise that are going to be new for me this year, picking up third year courses and finishing second year ones, learning a lot of new things (the first week already had a ton of C# which I've never programmed too much in) as well as learning to make stuff in Unity and soon as well, UDK.

Reviews for games are on the way, I'm waiting to post them as there's another side project that is getting started and I don't want to have to use too much old content.

Looking forward to the very hectic year that it looks like it will be as between the side project I just mentioned (which could possibly take a decent chunk of time), school, writing reviews/playing games to write reviews and also possibly planning Study Nights for the whole (at the very least it will be for the International classes) of DAE it promises to not allow me too much time to myself this year haha. 

Some of the games that are going to be reviewed very soon are as follows

Batman: Arkham City
Torchlight 1 and 2
Borderlands 2
Dungeon Defenders
Kingdoms of Amalur : The Reckoning
Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Orcs Must Die 1 and 2
Gotham City Imposters

A few of these are already done and just sitting in my folder haha, just waiting to use them now.

Well I'll be posting more regularly now (hoping to do at least once a week) and we'll see how it goes for keeping up to date on everything.

Till Next Time,