Monday, April 1, 2013

Some updates


So I wanted to do another blog post a little while ago but just couldn't get what I wanted to say, down in text. This time it's a bit different haha, this is some updates about life in general I guess and some other things as well.

One thing I wanted to talk about is the new program I put out, P90X Workout Tracker Program.
You can find it here P90X Workout Tracker Program

PWT is a program to be used with P90X the crazy home workout program.  With P90X it's pretty much drilled into you that you need to record your results so you can see what you did last time to improve the next time.  In my Tools Development class I had to make a program that fit with a lot of C#/WPF principles (MVVM patterns and LINQ and such like that) so I decided to make a program that I would end up using later, the PWT.

Having just started up P90X again today, I came across one thing I need to update in this version (as a minor tweak) and that's make it so the program will accept text and not just numbers in the reps area so you can say how many kg's/lbs or what color of band you did etc, so that will be in a update pretty soon I hope.

Other than that, it's been some updates to my portfolio site as well as making a spot to host the program.
I've been kind of educating some people on The Dead Linger forums on how to model and texture things better than they currently have been which is kinda fun cause I get to see some results already as they progress.

I'll post when I make updates to the program as well as other stuff I remember I wanted to post about, later on.