Sunday, March 6, 2016

Layer Cake, Growth from a script to an extension!


So my last post was about how I made a little script for Photoshop called Layer Cake that allowed for offsetting multiple layers at once (instead of the tedious manual way that people are doin it now :P )

So, since that post, I gained feedback and feature requests on  the Polycount thread and because of this, Layer Cake is now a 4 script Photoshop Extension.

Grab the extension from

It's currently available (known and tested) in CS6, CC 2014 and CC 2015!

You can see a NEW AND IMPROVED feature video about Layer Cake below!

In short, Layer Cake is now:
Layer Cake 
Multi-Layer Offsetting of selected layers.  No more hiding layers you don't want to offset, just select what you want to offset (even groups!) and hit Layer Cake. You can even preview your offset, so you know where it's going to end up.

Whatever values you used last to offset with Layer Cake, you can now hit Rebake to use the same values to offset WITHOUT having to open the UI.  Great when you're doing the same offset amount multiple times!

Preview your Tile in a 2x2 size document to quickly check for seams or see how busy it is. Want to see it in a bigger set? Hit Icing again on your new document to essentially see it in a 4x4 (you can keep hitting Icing to get bigger and bigger but beware of how your computer handles big documents)

Gaussian Blur and Smart Sharpen for tiling textures.  Run Spectacles on your tile to have Spectacles put it in a 3x3 where you can put some Gaussian Blur or Smart sharpen on it with less chance of making seams.  When you're done, hit "Done!" to end up with your newly made layer back in your starter document.

I believe there is always more to do, so if you think there is more things I can make to help speed up (note SPEED UP, not DO FOR ME) tiling texture creation I'm all ears.

And I'd LOVE to see or HEAR about what you guys are making with Layer Cake so feel free to let me know!


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