Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Taking my stuff and going....into UDK!


Hey, so I know I was gonna put up a video of the game I made but I don't know if I'm really proud of what it is right now to put it up (I was proud before I added some of the things to it that were required for my exam, but those things destroyed a lot of my work...). I am proud of my game but it's not what it was, I previously had normal mapping in it but for some reason, adding ShadowMapping has really messed it all up. It not only killed my Normal Mapping, like utterly and completely, but it also lit up everything on my models a ton AND didn't actually add shadows (that  I ever saw, but I think I do know why).

So I think I'm going to actually re do my models (make the rock/bricks and textures my self) and then start exporting them to UDK. I'm currently learning the syntax's for UScript (since UDK itself can't directly read c++ file without messing around) and since I just found out that Scaleform is in UDK as well, I'm learning Flash/actionscript to make my HUDs for this game now. So I'll start using trying to post some updates as they come (see how much work I can get done in the summer with working and such)

I'm gonna try to start porting my C++ code into UScript (once I figure out how to write UScript in UDK itself ...or wherever I have to put it...) and then hopefully I can get back up to speed pretty fast. Keep your eyes peeled for it cause I really hope to keep the motivation up to make this game.


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