Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So, as I think I've mentioned in the previous posts, I'm making a game for my exams that is "tentatively" called Dungeon Explorer. Yes, it's one of those dungeon games (if I had the time before the Exam I'd love to get enemies in and different weapons too but it's not gonna happen..) where you try to find loot and avoid dying. This one I decided to make "Procedurally Computer Generated".

For those that don't know what PCG is, in short it's basically the game makes itself. The only thing the player/user would have to do is tell it how big of a map you want to play in and how many rooms you want and the game will make a level based on those. Now that doesn't sound sooo fancy but the thing is, everytime you play, it will be different.

Right now I have the level generation working quite well, with A* (A-Star) pathing between the rooms as well as "treasure" tiles" and I just added Stairs Up/Down (and am working on the trigger so it will make a new level if you go Up or reload the last one if you go Down...) I still need to add locked doors/keys but that's hopefully something I'll have time for.

In the next few days I'll get a short video about it with me just running around in the level and showing new levels as well as Saving/Loading (which was kind of a pain in the butt to make.) Now that said, the movie will also be with the current textures which...aren't amazing but I wouldn't say are terrible...just don't laugh to hard at them haha ;).

Anyways, back to programming and Const Correctness Checking for the first presentation it's due for tomorrow.



  1. You should get it for download after :P i'd play

    1. If I can figure out how to package all the stuff that's needed for it (uses an external library a few times) then I would actually make a version for people to run around in :P but I gotta find a way to package and make an installer for it. Would only be windows as well (have no idea how to program for Mac yet)


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